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Campus Iconography

In April 2016, the University trustees adopted the Report of the Trustee Committee on Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy at Princeton, which included a recommendation that the administration make a concerted effort to diversify campus art and iconography, and consider the possibility of commissioning artwork that honors those who helped make Princeton a more diverse and inclusive place or that expresses the University’s aspiration to be more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all members of its community.  This recommendation was consistent with conversations that took place between the administration and various student groups, including Princeton Latinos y Amigos, the Latinx community, and the Black Justice League; as well as the Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In response to this recommendation, the Campus Iconography Committee (CIC) has been established along with an Advisory Group, which include faculty, students, alumni, and administrators dedicated to leading these efforts. In addition to the objectives referenced above, the Committee seeks to identify, facilitate, and support opportunities to provide visual cues on campus that represent layered and nuanced interpretations of Princeton’s history. Finally, the Committee will also encourage efforts to create spaces that promote dialogue and reflection, and to build a sense of community. Additional information regarding the focus of the Committee's work can be found in the CIC Charter and the working group descriptions.

The Committee

Treby Williams, Executive Vice President (co-chair)

Carolyn Rouse, Professor of Anthropology; Director, Program in African Studies (co-chair)

Wallace Best, Professor of Religion and African American Studies

LaTanya Buck, Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Bruno Carvalho, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Culture

Monique Claiborne '17

Nicholas Fernandez ’18

Chase Hommeyer ’19

Brandon Hunter gs (ANT)

Ron McCoy, University Architect, Office of the University Architect

Marni Sandweiss, Professor of History

Sits with Committee

Debby Foster, Senior Associate Director for Administrative Planning, Office of the EVP (CIC, secretary)

Laura Darrell, Associate and Special Projects Coordinator, Office of Facilities (Portraiture Working Group, secretary)

Kaitlin Lutz, Assistant Director, Finance and Administration, Engineering and Applied Science (Princeton History Working Group, secretary)

The Advisory Group

Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life

Andy Chen ’09, Partner, Isometric Studio

Claire Fowler, Senior Associate Dean of the College

Anne Jarvis, University Librarian

Waqas Jawaid ’10, Partner, Isometric Studio

Isabel 'Izzy' Kasdin '14, Executive Director, Historical Society of Princeton

Chad Klaus, Vice President, University Services

Paul LaMarche, Vice Provost for Space Programming and Planning

Michele Minter, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Aly Kassam-Remtulla, Assistant Provost for Academic Planning and Institutional Diversity

James Steward, Director, Princeton University Art Museum

Anastasia Vrachnos, Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations

Questions and Suggestions

For questions or to make suggestions to the Committee, please contact Debby Foster at