Administrative Planning

The administrative planning team is engaged in a broad range of activities, both strategic and tactical, to assist the EVP in executing her duties as the chief operating officer of the University. Members of the team facilitate collaboration across organizations; lead University wide projects; evaluate opportunities to refine services; conduct reviews of functions, including reorganizations of administrative units; and implement administrative initiatives. They help the EVP act upon agreements and commitments, and ensure that the office provides service to a wide range of constituencies, including trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, other members of the community, and outside organizations.

The group works closely with virtually all administrative offices at the University and particularly closely with senior staff in Environmental Health and Safety, Public Safety, and Facilities on security and emergency preparedness issues and continuity of operations plans; with the Office of the Provost and the Budget Director to enhance administrative processes and administrative budget activities; with the Office of Information Technology to strengthen IT systems and enhance information security and privacy policies; and with the Office of Audit and Compliance on the annual enterprise risk management process and institutional compliance. 

The team produces regular meetings of the University-wide Administrative and Academic Managers Group (AAMG) and the Office of the Executive Vice President Senior Staff, which aim to deliver information to senior University managers that ensures that efforts to enhance business operations are designed effectively to advance the University's mission and are aligned with the University‚Äôs values.

Members of the administrative planning team lead or represent the office of the executive vice president on University committees, taskforces, and working groups. They span a diverse set of activities from the Athletics Budget Advisory Committee and the Fundraising Priorities Working Group, to the IT Risk Assessment working group and the Volunteer Firefighter Program Executive Committee.

The members of the administrative planning team are Deputy for Safety and Administration and Chief of Staff Laura Strickler, Associate Director Tara Zarillo, Associate Director Katherine Remus, and Assistant Director Marie Antonetti.