FY22 SUMAR Priority Initiatives

FY22 SUMAR Priority Initiatives

In FY22, SUMAR is turning its focus to two select University priorities: leveraging and building on staff redeployment initiatives surfaced in the University's response to COVID-19, and supporting racial equity initiatives. SUMAR will look for opportunities to evaluate and optimize programs, systems, and/or services in both administrative and academic units. In addition, the committee will continue its efforts toward increasing supplier diversity.

Since May 2020, the University has pursued a redeployment initiative to enable units to shift short-term projects from staff who may be feeling overburdened by the campus response to COVID-19 to staff who may have less to do as a result of the reduction in on-campus activity. The redeployment initiative is coordinated by the Office of the Executive Vice President in partnership with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources and has included direct outreach to all administrative and academic departments. To date, the initiative has matched available personnel with 76 proposed projects, representing over 11,000 hours of redeployed staff time. SUMAR has asked a working group to consider how the learnings from this initiative can be incorporated into a program that will continue to broaden employee exposure in support of professional development. 

In FY2021, following a call from President Christopher L. Eisgruber to support racial equity through an examination of the University's operations, the procurement department developed a multi-year action plan to enhance our efforts around supplier diversity. An important part of this enhancement will include financial activities that fall outside the scope of traditional procurement, such as financial and related professional services.

SUMAR believes that the best ideas can be found at all reaches of the University community. If you or a colleague has an idea for a pilot or project that you believe could strengthen our workforce, business operations, and services; create efficiencies or cost savings; or better leverage our resources, we want to hear from you. Please contact Michael Avanti Lopez for an initial consultation.