Executive Compliance Committee

The Executive Compliance Committee is composed of senior members of the University’s management team. The committee assists the chief audit and compliance officer in determining priorities, reviewing the internal audit/compliance plans, and ensuring that both follow-up to internal audit/compliance reports occurs and processes are in place for determining and implementing appropriate disciplinary and corrective actions when violations arise. Additional information regarding the work of the committee can be found in the ECC Charter.

The committee meets six times during the academic year.


Committee Members

Katie Callow-Wright, Chair
Executive Vice President

Daren Hubbard
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Gene A. Jarrett
Dean of the Faculty

Jim Matteo
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

David McComas
Vice President, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Romy Riddick
Vice President for Human Resources

Ramona Romero
Vice President and General Counsel

Peter Schiffer
Dean for Research

Nilu Shroff
Vice President and Chief Audit and Compliance Officer

Sits with Committee

Tara Zarillo, Secretary
Associate Director for Administrative Planning


For questions please contact Tara Zarillo at [email protected].