Executive Risk Management Committee

The Executive Risk Management Committee (ERMC) is responsible for reviewing the risks associated with the institutional mission and objectives, ascertaining the University's appropriate risk tolerance for those risks, and ensuring that necessary mitigation strategies are in place, resourced appropriately, and integrated with existing initiatives to enhance management and control.

Supported by an organizational structure that formally assigns responsibility for identifying and mitigating risks to senior managers across the institution, the committee’s process focuses administrative attention and resources on significant issues. The risk management effort also informs the Office of Audit and Compliance’s University-wide audit and compliance work plan.


Committee Members

Katie Callow-Wright, Co-chair
Executive Vice President

Jennifer Rexford, Co-chair 

Gadi Dechter
Vice President for Communications and Government Affairs

Daren Hubbard
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Jim Matteo
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Romy Riddick
Vice President for Human Resources

Ramona Romero
Vice President and General Counsel

Peter Schiffer
Dean for Research

Nilu Shroff 
Vice President and Chief Audit and Compliance Officer

Sits with Committee

Tara Zarillo, secretary
Associate Director for Administrative Planning

Laura Strickler
Deputy for Safety and Administration and Chief of Staff


For questions please contact Tara Zarillo at [email protected]