Committee to Strengthen University Management and Resources

Chaired by the University's executive vice president, SUMAR’s most recent focus was on sponsoring initiatives to strengthen University management functions, implement cost-controlling measures, and ensure regulatory compliance. As of 2017, SUMAR’s focus has been sharpened to champion and advance initiatives that leverage the opportunities of a high-functioning organization. SUMAR acts as a catalyzing agent for campus-wide projects that will have significant, positive institutional impact and provides a forum for brainstorming and vetting ideas. SUMAR will focus its efforts on projects that fit the following criteria:

  • Represent cross-cutting, campus-wide initiatives that require the efforts of multiple University units;
  • Require significant cultural or policy change, and therefore benefit from the attention and support from this cabinet-level committee; and/or
  • Benefit from SUMAR members’ organizational roles, expertise, and broad departmental representation, affording broad institutional perspectives that would not be found in a single department.

The Committee

Treby Williams, Chair
Executive Vice President

Jay Dominick
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Chad Klaus
Vice President, University Services

Jason Knoch
Executive Director of Financial Services and Strategic Initiatives

Jim Matteo
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Richard Myers
Vice Provost for Academic and Budget Planning

Deborah Prentice

Laura Strickler
Executive Director for Administrative Planning

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley
Vice President for Human Resources

Sits With Committee

Michael Avanti Lopez, Secretary
Associate Director for Administrative Planning

Suggestions and Feedback

If you would like to share a suggestion or offer feedback, please send an email to sumar@princeton.edu